A spiritual awakening is the moment when your perspective begins to shift. How you have always perceived your life changes, and you begin to feel differently about everyone around you. As a result, a certain sense of connectedness rises from within. 

You begin to feel at one with the world around you; there is an awareness of fluidity in your life as everything starts to move in unison with you and vice versa.

Often this shift begins with a life trauma such as a near-death experience, a severe health issue, the loss of a loved one, or a dramatic life change.

While this is only sometimes the case, a life-changing event usually causes a shift in awareness. This shift opens your mind, heart, and soul to a new world. 

Many things happen when you experience this shift, and you can become more emotionally sensitive to the people around you. You may begin seeing and feeling the world around you more clearly.

You will also want to explore new weird things, like energy healing, psychic development, and meditation. 

Being spiritually aware is a new way of thinking, and seeking a different understanding of the world is a lifelong process with many levels and layers. It is often the journey of finding peace within. 

Life looks better and feels alive as you shift your perspective and connect with the world differently, but it can be challenging.

It is a soul journey of healing through a spiritual awakening process and is a deep dive into who you are and how you can better show up in the world.

What are some symptoms of a spiritual awakening?

There are many stages to spiritual awakening, which is a lifelong process of unfoldment. It will look different for each person, but one can experience many things in the spiritual awakening process. Here are a few things to help you navigate this journey with grace and much-needed patience. 

Emotional Sensitivity – One thing prevalent during a shift like this is becoming emotional sensitivity to the world around you.

Many people can feel more deeply the different states of others’ emotions and often find it difficult to adjust at first. Learning not to take on everything as your responsibility is the key and a big part of the practice.

Initially, you will want to hide in a cave and suck your thumb to tune out the world around you. Then, you will move through different states of excitement and sometimes moments of depression.

Learning to work with this new awareness is the best thing to ever happen to you! Being spiritually aware is a new way to navigate the world around you. 

Once you have mastered the emotional shifts that are happening, you will learn to be more present in the world and develop less judgment simply by being a sacred witness to the world around you. 

Shiny New Toy Syndrome – Now that everything has new meaning and clarity, you will be wide-eyed and excited about your shiny new toy and want everyone to have it.

You will want to have all your friends and family wake up and see what you see. To be more connected to the world the way you are!

Often the opposite will happen. Your family and friends will think you are crazy and either pull back from you or try and steer you away from your new view.

You must be patient. Everyone awakens in their own time. So it’s essential to lead by being a loving example. 

Try to avoid becoming the preacher on the corner you have been avoiding your whole life.

Sometimes you need to take the time to explore your spiritual self in a manner that may be more private and personal and gain the necessary wisdom and knowledge to share in a way that is healthy and helpful.

Leading by example and living your life in a happy, healthy, and inspiring way is often the best approach to helping people navigate the new you rather than trying to drag them all along.

Eventually, people will want to have what you are having and be more open to learning about the new you!

Blow up your Life Syndrome – This is also a common occurrence, especially for those who awaken in their middle years or later when they have been more established.

When the awakening happens, and the world around you is not supporting your understanding of what is happening to you, there is a moment in which you feel courageous and want to make significant changes in your life.

You will want to divorce the loving partner you have had for the last ten years because they cannot understand or support your journey. For many married or in long-term relationships, the “still asleep” partner will look at you as if you’re having an affair.

You are suddenly walking around all aglow from your last meditation, healing session, or spiritual retreat, and they will think you are sleeping with someone new. Why? Cause you now have a new shine in your life, and it is not coming from them.

A spiritual awakening can cause jealousy, tension, and even break-ups. But before you blow up your life, pack up and move out, take a moment to let the dust settle in your world before you make these drastic changes.

Also, many people want to quit their mundane jobs, open up a spiritual retreat center, hang a shingle on their door, and start their lives as intuitive readers because they feel “called” to do this.

While this is a lovely calling, success can take time and effort. Hard work goes into creating a successful spiritual business, and it can take years to become a financially supportive way of life.

Patience and Practice are the Keys

You must explore and seek what your soul is calling you to pursue when you awaken to a new perspective. But that first shift is one of many that will come your way.

You are an onion peeling away the layers of your soul to learn more; it is an evolutionary process.

Just when you think you know it all and have a clue, a new level of awakening happens, and even more clarity comes your way.

Part of the awakening process will be very selfish initially, but if you genuinely awaken, you should begin to see that you should embrace people more than turn them away.

As the one who is “awake,” it is your job to love those who are not yet there. Turning them away and blowing up your life is the opposite of what being awake is all about.

It is about loving everyone for who they are and right where they are while standing in your light and shining your love as an ambassador to a new lighter way of life.

Enjoy the journey! Cherish these moments and the newness you are feeling! Trust your intuition to guide you, and welcome to a new way of seeing the world!