How to Access the Akashic Records

To explore the idea of the Akashic Records, you need to believe that we live more than just this one life! Or at least have a curiosity we have lived before, and there is more to the human Spirit than this one moment of existence. 

Your soul has been on a long spiritual journey. One that exists before this life and will continue into the next and beyond! Many people are waking up to this concept in these uncertain times as more and more people want to learn more about who they are and to connect with their soul’s purpose.

The Akashic Records are an energetic history of your soul and spirit journey through lifetimes and the cosmos. You can tune into this record of information about you and learn more about what makes you shine. 

You might be surprised to know that the Akashic Records, or Akasha as I call it, have always been present in your knowledge all along! 

What are the Akashic Records?

I’m sure you have heard this sexy new spiritual term that has everyone wanting to know more about who they were in a past life, where they have lived before and sometimes, and why we feel called to learn about some regions of the world, or why we want to learn more about specific eras of the past!

The Akashic Records is a spiritual theory that there is a record of your entire existence: this lifetime and all the ones you have lived before. We can tap into our akashic records to learn and understand your soul’s purpose, who your spirit guides are, and what your spiritual journey is all about. 

One of my favorite portrayals of the Akashic Records is in the Jim Carrey movie, “Bruce Almighty.” Morgan Freeman, as God, references Bruce’s akashic record in the form of a filing cabinet. When Bruce opens the top drawer, which sends him flying across the room as you see the extent of files of his life, you see God reference the last file in the drawer. The first time I saw this scene, I chucked at the comedic reference to the Akashic Records. 

What do the Akashic Records Reveal to Us?

It is a vast concept to dive into in just a few words, but to limit the knowledge of Akasha would be challenging. Nevertheless, there is much we can learn from this energy that always moves through you! 

Some of the things we can glean from the Akashic Records are:

For example, why do you feel you have lived in other parts of the world, like Egypt, Australia, Peru, etc.? 

Or you were born at the wrong time and may feel better living during the roaring 20s or during the Shakespearian times of old London?

Why do you feel so called to become a doctor, lawyer, scientist, singer, or have some extraordinary gifts you would like to share with the world? 

Why do you feel a strong connection with certain people? Almost like they are family? Or do you have challenging relationships with loved ones in your life?

Why does learning some things in life feel so natural, and learning other things can seem like you’re speaking a foreign language? 

You can even dive into what fears and phobias you are moving through and why!

There is so much you can ask; really, what your Spirit knows about you is limitless.

How to Read the Akashic Records

A new and wonderful fad in the world of psychic readings and sessions is getting an Akashic Record Reading. I am excitedly guilty about offering these sessions, and I love it. 

I like to work with Akasha to get to know you! What is your spiritual makeup? Much like your current life genealogy, we can also get a spiritual understanding of what you have explored over lifetimes and what to shine through in this one. 

You can also learn to work and read your own Akasha. You might be surprised that it is already working through you. Your Akasha connects with your intuition. It is how you know when you meet a stranger for the first time but know you have met them before. At another time long ago. 

Part of your intuition knows you need to study music or chemistry because it feels familiar and right to do! 

You can take many classes to develop working with this beautiful way of tuning into who we are. 

But you can also listen to your intuition and ask some questions. For example, is this person familiar to me? Yes or no? Is this person someone I know from another life? Yes or no?

Get used to the sensations in your body and see how things feel as you sit with them. Your intuition is your inner spirit guide; when you recognize that you have other information that flows through you, you might find you have been tuning into your Akashic Records for a long time now! 

Begin the Exploration

Working with Akashic Records can assist you with your spiritual growth and is a beautiful journey of personal exploration. I hope this is an excellent way to get you started and excited about working with Akasha, 

Come back and check out more articles I will share about this vast topic, including Akasha and Spirit Guides, Finding your Purpose, and how working with Akasha can assist you with your spiritual journey and growth! 

Enjoy the journey!