The Art of Sacred Travel

Earth Magic

Standing in the middle of Stonehenge at 5 am, the sun is barely ready to break the horizon and shine down upon us. Our small group standing huddled in a circle in the middle of this ancient structure.

The quiet of the world was all around us. The majestic stones of Stonehenge holding a sacred and protected space around us.

I found my way to the very center, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath in! The incredible energy of this site pulsed up from the Earth below me. It moved up through my body and vibrated through my body.

There was something oddly foreign about how Stonehenge felt to me. The energy it radiated was powerful but different. Extraterrestrial.

My first real connection to a sacred site, one of many to come, was beyond magical! It was enlightening. Exhilarating. Beyond anything of this world. I knew at this very moment; I would need to explore more of these sacred places.

I would thirst to connect to mother earth in these sacred ways!

Why travel to Sacred Sites?

Since my first journey abroad in 2003 to England, I have traveled to many ancient and amazing places worldwide! What a blessing!

Traveling in a sacred way is not your ordinary form of travel. There is a unique mindset and mindfulness about traveling in a sacred way.

Learning to experience a place for its energy and not just its physical beauty will open your heart and mind to greater awareness.

Our ancient ancestors knew of the power in these sites. They worked hard to build temples, stone circles, pyramids, and more to leave a lasting marker for us to find these power sites today!

In all my travels, no site feels the same. Some feel otherworldly while others more earth-based vibrations.

Some have pulled me inward to the deepest depths of my soul. I have to need to see to heal.

Other places cracked me open, helping me connect to energy which has boosted my soul forward in the most unbelievable ways!

These sites have taught me to honor the Earth, her beauty, her love which provides all we need to sustain our lives.

The Sacred Way

Learning to travel in a sacred way is easier than you may think and will change your perspective on life.

It is about letting go of being a tourist. Letting go of the idea of jumping from site to site to get the best Instagram shot.

It is traveling from a more mindful place, with your heart open.

It is taking a moment, a breath before you enter an ancient temple, church, or ancient ruins to ask the land, the energetic guardians, permission to enter this sacred site—a promise to honor the energy and beauty that is before you.

It moves from the mentality of climbing Machu Pichu to conquer the mountain, climbing the hill with love and reverence for those who have walked the Inka trail as a sacred pilgrimage.

Learning to walk in a sacred way and honoring the great mother will open your heart to receive the blessings of these ancient energies. In this, the magic begins to happen.

The Universe will bring fluid ease to your travels and incredible opportunities you may not have expected. Like meeting Shamans on the mountainside of the sacred valley who bless you in their traditions.

Getting a door opened in an Egyptian temple that the tourists do not see has happened on many of my sacred journeys.

Being grateful to the culture that surrounds you is also a practice. Learning to appreciate what has come before and paved the way will change your life.

Turn your life into a sacred journey!

Learn to travel your everyday life as though you are on a journey. See all that has come before you as sacred.

Stop and smell the roses, stop and smell the roses! When you breathe in their sacred sent, all-out it to bless your being and offer a breath of gratitude.

One of the most powerful things I have learned by seeing my life as a sacred journey… is that I move slower through life.

You appreciate more of what the Universe is doing in tandem with you, helping you create a fantastic journey.

Seeing the world with a sacred mindset opens your heart, connecting to the magic that is happening all around you.

You must make room for the magic!

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