The Centered-Heart

The Centered-Heart

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    Written and recorded by Lauren, The Centered Heart features two special healing meditations specifically created to help release heart-centered pain.


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The Centered-Heart 1:04:48 $10.00

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Track 1: Centered Heart Meditation 29:57 27.42 MB $3.00
Track 2: Forgiveness Meditation 34:51 31.91 MB $3.00

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Why We Love Lauren

"Lauren Rainbow is a spectacular, compassionate soul. She is authentic. She has been there. She gets it! Over the past 9 years Lauren has provided me with spot-on intuitive guidance, loving wisdom, and a compassionate kick in the butt when I needed it most. Talk is cheap. 'Life' is a verb. While others may be sitting around dreaming about what they would desire, Lauren is out there making it happen! Lauren gave me a platform to open up to my gifts, my dreams, my passions and the tools to bring them all to fruition. Lauren embraces all aspects of life with abundant honor, gratitude, integrity, and laughter. She will forever be my most sacred catalyst for change - my mentor, my colleague, my sister! Thank you Lauren for the gift of YOU!"

Laura F, Nashua, NH

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