What is Sitting in the Power?

In mediumship development, a little secret technique has been used to help us develop a deeper connection with the Spirit world. 

It is not so much a secret these days. As mediumship is becoming more sought out, more and more people are learning about this excellent meditation technique. It is a game changer for all spiritual seekers alike. 

So what is Sitting in the Power? Why is it a game-changer? And how do you do it?

Sitting in the Power is a term used in mediumship (spirit communication) development for a type of meditation practice in which you tap into your inner soul/spirit power with conscious breathing and awareness. Bringing your attention to a higher spiritual power or light and connecting with this energy while sitting in your light will help to magnify this connection. 

Why is this a game-changer for your meditation practice? 

This type of meditation practice is an active energy meditation that differs from most meditation techniques, where you sit for stillness and quietness. At the same time, these are key pieces of this meditation technique. You always want an active connection to your vibration and its relation to a higher frequency. 

This meditation technique benefits everyone, not just a developing medium. Connecting with your vibrations and actively raising the Power within you allows your spiritual centers to be active throughout the day, creating grace and ease in your life. 

Other benefits of Sitting in the Power are:

  • Clarity and trust in your intuition
  • Feeling better and more alive
  • Make better life-affirming decisions
  • Great energy hygiene
  • Feeling more connected with yourself and your inner guidance
  • More grounded in your empathic senses and less vulnerable to other people 
  • Better sleep and more centered in your day!

What is the “Power” anyway?

Sitting in the Power is all about connecting with your inner light. You are a soul/spirit in a body, and there is a beautiful, unique power in that soul essence. 

You came into this life with it and will leave it with this soul essence. So connecting to your inner power or light and allowing it to stretch and breathe is healthy! 

If you are sensitive to other people’s energy, you might avoid them throughout the day. You keep your light dim to not shine too bright for fear of taking in other people’s power.

Connecting with your inner power/light and working with it to raise your energy and connect with a higher light can bring you the confidence you need to walk this world without feeling overwhelmed. It brings you strength and confidence. 

If you are developing your intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities, this meditation is for you! It increases your spiritual awareness and will help you lift your vibes to connect with the Spirit world, creating a stronger link with your loved ones and guides.

Where can you go wrong in getting more in tune with yourself? 

How to Sit in the Power

Sitting in the Power is relatively easy, and you can apply this to your regular meditation routine. 

Get into your usual meditation spot, or find a quiet place to be still and take a deep, slow, methodical breath to quiet your body and mind. 

Once you have found a soft, quiet stillness, bring your mind into your heart space and allow yourself to feel, see, or know a beautiful light in your heart center. Here is your soul center. 

As you consciously breathe into your heart, imagine or know that this light is getting brighter and brighter, allowing it to expand out of your physical. 

Bring your awareness now to a divine light that radiates higher in frequency. You may feel your light reach out to connect to this higher energy, and it magnifies your light. 

Sit for some time in this beautifully expanded and vibrant space. Breathing into your heart and simply radiating your light. Now you are Sitting in the Power.

If you want guided assistance with this process to get some practice, please check out my Sitting In The Power Meditation on YouTube! Once this practice is down, you can expand and work with it in your meditation practice! You will love it!