Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing (Shamballa MDH) is a direct and compassionate healing modality focusing mostly on targeting an individuals fears. Blessed by the presence of Divine Master, Saint Germaine, Shamballa MDH will remove these fears and blocks, allowing the individual to step fully into their authentic self.

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This amazing healing technique was brought to us by Master Teachers Gisele King and Kathryn Anderson, who with the blessing of the Divine Master Kwan Yin, have created Lauren's favorite healing modality. A truly compassionate healing energy, so pure of love and filled with Kwan Yin's essence, this system works deeply with the heart, keeping you centered to the god source and the ascension energies.

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Karuna Reiki is a sound healing system works with some of the most powerful toning sounds based in the ancient and sacred Sanskrit language. This deeply spiritual healing technique can cleanse and clear you as well as help you open to higher dimensional healing energies and frequencies.

Healing with the Angles is what this wonderful healing technique is about. As Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) creator Stevan Thayer would say, "Lets get the issues out of the tissues."

IET works with nine healing Angels including Archangels Michael, Gabrielle, Uriel, Raphael and Ariel, to name a few. This technique is great for releasing old patterns and habits, centering your energy, and empowering you to move through fear and create the life you desire. With the support of these healing Angles around you, anything is possible.

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Private Sessions with Lauren

Lauren Rainbow offers sessions over the phone and in-person, with in-person sessions typically conducted at her office in Bedford, NH.

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Due to the high volume of requests for private sessions, Lauren is accommodating session requests in the order they are received. At this time a length in wait is hard to determine.

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Why We Love Lauren

"There is no doubt, my life has been 'transformed' through the healing work I have done with Lauren Rainbow. I am living, breathing, proof of how healing energy can change a person's life. Through working with Lauren, I have experienced many levels of personal growth and understanding. I have learned to meditate, breathe, connect with my guides, and appreciate the messages that are constantly being sent to us, in many different forms. I have come to know who I REALLY am, and how my own thoughts and actions can influence every aspect of my world. I have a deeper, clearer, vision of the path I am on. I am forever grateful to Lauren for the time, love and energy she has shared with me. Namaste."

Suzanne R, Andover, NH

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