A Journey of Ancestral Healing 

The Akashic Records, sometimes referenced as the “Book of Life,” are believed to be an energetic collection of records and information on all the soul’s journeys and more through varying lifetimes.

There is so much more to what is in the Akashic Records, including an energetic history of the earth and all that is contained within Gaia’s atmosphere. 

It is an unfathomable and endless journey to dive into what is present in the energy of Akasha, but it does provide us the ability to access and view what potentially has come before 

Accessing the Akashic Records can be a powerful tool for healing on a personal and ancestral level. Akashic Healing can help individuals to understand their past experiences, clear emotional blocks, and connect with their true selves. 

Here are a few ways to work with the Akashic Records for healing purposes:

Understanding Past (Life) Experiences – Since the Akashic Records contain information about past lives, experiences, and life lessons, we can work with this knowledge to heal our traumas and struggles. By accessing this information, individuals can better understand the patterns and behaviors that may be impacting their current life. In addition, by understanding past life experiences, individuals can release emotional blocks and practices that may hold them back from healing and growth.

Clearing Limiting Beliefs: The Akashic Records can also guide understanding your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that may hold you back. By accessing the records, individuals can gain insight into the root cause of these beliefs and practices and receive guidance on releasing them. Clearing Limiting beliefs can help individuals to move forward in their lives with more confidence and self-love.

Connecting with Your Higher Self: The Akashic Records are also a source of connection to your higher self and your spiritual guides. Individuals can receive guidance and support from their spiritual team by accessing the records. Connecting with your higher self or soul’s calling can help you feel more supported on your healing journey and provide peace and clarity during challenging times. 

All healing is a journey that lives within you! Knowing that you have support and guidance from your inner truth is the true guiding light in your journey. Trust your intuition and 

Here are some simple things to know when working with and tuning into your Akashic Records:

  • Practice Meditation: Meditation is a powerful tool for accessing the Akashic Records. It can help to quiet the mind and open up channels of communication. Before accessing the records, practicing meditation for a few minutes is helpful to clear the mind and set the intention.
  • Set an Intention: Before accessing the records, it’s helpful to set an intention for what you would like to receive. The intention can be a specific question or issue you would like guidance on. Setting an intention helps to focus the energy and can lead to more productive results. 
  • Open the Way: Before accessing the records, you want to open the way of connection to the energy of the Akasha or the records themselves. Opening the way can easily be done through a prayer or intention setting. Acknowledging that you are entering a sacred space and being respectful to this energy is essential, so being reverent and with gratitude is always the best way to open the way! 
  • Open to Receive: Once you have accessed the Akashic Records, it’s important to receive the information and trust that it is in your highest and best. You may receive information may come in the form of visions, feelings, or intuitive insights. Allow the information to flow without judgment, and act simply as a witness to what is being revealed. 
  • Journal your Sessions: Get a special journal just for working with the Akashic Records and be sure to write about your sessions. Start with what was revealed, and then allow some time to write and contemplate how you feel about what has come through you. A journal is a great way to track what is coming through and an excellent resource to return to as life evolves. 
  • Take Action: After accessing the records, taking action on the received information is essential. Taking action may involve changing your life or following some of the guidance given. This can sometimes be overwhelming for the novice, but start with small, manageable steps to help get some movement going. Taking action is an integral part of the healing process and can help to integrate the information into your daily life.

Working with the Akashic Records is a practice and a never-ending journey into your soul’s lessons and experiences. The more you work with the records, the better you trust what you receive. Although, in the beginning, some of the information may seem confusing and sometimes unclear, the work will evolve the more you work with this energy!

One last thing – be inquisitive! Your curiosity can you be your best asset. Don’t be afraid to try different intentions. You will learn to be more precise with your intentions as you try and refine them. 

Don’t be frustrated if you don’t get all the answers you are looking for immediately; trust that what is revealed for you each time is in divine order for where you are now. 

Most of all, have fun learning more about yourself on all levels!