You are a Medium

Join International mediums Tony Stockwell & Lauren Rainbow for a special workshop about mastering mediumship. Mediumship is not only a job, but also it is WHO YOU ARE! It is a part of you, and learning to have a healthy relationship with Spirit and the ongoing development of your abilities is key! This workshop is…


Beyond Mediumship Mentoring 2: Synchronicity

Advanced Mediumship Mentoring Beyond Mediumship 2 is a 7-Week small group mentoring program designed to take your Mediumship to new levels – expanding your practice beyond just the realm of spirit communication to help you find your unique voice in this rapidly growing field. Learn More

Cosmic Breath Meditation

Join Lauren for the Cosmic Breath meditation on a special energy day! 2/22/22! We will be working with the Goddess of Love and Joy, Hathor! Tuesday February 22 @ 7p ET Join Medium Lauren Rainbow for a special guided meditation event! Lauren is inspired to bring this special healing meditation to you on the heals…