An Evening of Spirit and Inspiration

The Rex Theatre 23 Amherst Street, Manchester, NH

Lauren Rainbow is an evidential medium, inspirational and sometimes funny storyteller and a spiritual travel guide! During this special evening Lauren will share evidential and heart-centered messages from Spirit. Not only will she devote most of the evening to her signature heart-centered and evidential spirit messages, but she will also take a brief time to…


Winter Solstice Meditation

The Annual Winter Solstice Meditation is HERE! Join Lauren for a FREE Live Online Event! An evening of Intention & Meditation I have offered this meditation every year for nearly 14 years, and in the "spirit" of giving, I want this to be my gift to you this year! Let's see how many people we…


You are a Medium

Join International mediums Tony Stockwell & Lauren Rainbow for a special workshop about mastering mediumship. Mediumship is not only a job, but also it is WHO YOU ARE! It is a part of you, and learning to have a healthy relationship with Spirit and the ongoing development of your abilities is key! This workshop is…