You are a Medium

Join International mediums Tony Stockwell & Lauren Rainbow for a special workshop about mastering mediumship. Mediumship is not only a job, but also it is WHO YOU ARE! It is a part of you, and learning to have a healthy relationship with Spirit and the ongoing development of your abilities is key! This workshop is…


Beyond Mediumship Mentoring 2: Synchronicity

Advanced Mediumship Mentoring Beyond Mediumship 2 is a 7-Week small group mentoring program designed to take your Mediumship to new levels – expanding your practice beyond just the realm of spirit communication to help you find your unique voice in this rapidly growing field. Learn More

Intuitive Psychic Mediumship Series

3-Night Live Event on Zoom, Mondays 4/25, 5/2, 5/9 @ 7 – 9:00pm ET Join Lauren Rainbow for a special LIVE online three-week series exploring intuition, psychic, and mediumship development fundamentals. This development series is perfect for those ready to harness their abilities and understand the difference between intuitive, psychic, and mediumship awareness.


Intuitive, Psychic, and Mediumship Mentoring

This mentoring program is a 5-week journey with me, connecting, developing, sharing, and growing your intuitive abilities and exploring more of who you are! In this workshop, you will learn : Understand how you work with your intuitive abilities How you can energetically perceive the world around you Balance and embrace your empathic abilities Understand…