Instructions for Computer Users

To access an on-demand course or audio file from your computer, please right click on the download link (for Mac Users, hold down the control button and click the link at the same time). This will bring up a dialog box to save the file to your computer. Browse to where you want to store the file on your system and hit the "Save" button.

If you are attempting to download an audio file to your phone or tablet, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Mobile Phone & Tablet Users

Downloading Files Directly to Your Android-Based Phone or Tablet

1) Click the download link
2) Browse to the MP3 file(s) on your phone.
     a. If you are not sure where the file(s) have been downloaded to on your phone, you can find in the My Files section of your phone or tablet. These files will be located within the Download folder of the My Files section.
3) Click on the MP3 file to play it.

PLEASE NOTE: If these methods of downloading do not work in the standard Android "Internet" browser, we recommend installing either Chrome or Firefox for your Android-based phone or tablet, and trying to download and play the files with these browsers.

Downloading Files Directly to Your iPhone or iPad

Because the Safari browser in iOS for your iPhone or iPad does not have any way to download MP3 files directly, you will need to install one of the popular downloader apps for your iPhone or iPad available on the App Store and follow their instructions on how to download files and access them.