Benefits of Guided Meditation and  Mantra Techniques

Mantra and guided meditation are two different but popular meditation practices, each with unique approaches and benefits. If you want to develop a meditation practice and need help with how to go about it, here is an exploration of the differences between these two techniques to help you get started. 

One technique may suit you better, but I encourage you to explore both methods and trust your intuition to guide you each time you want to go into meditation.

Some days you may feel drawn to the simplicity of mantra meditation; on other days, you may want to take a journey into healing or explore more about yourself! 

Meditation Techniques

Mantra meditation involves repeating a word or phrase, known as a mantra, to help quiet the mind and focus your attention. 

The repetition of the mantra, often in tune with awareness of the breath, helps to anchor your mind and prevent it from wandering. This technique can be great for those in the early stages of meditation practice with mental focus trouble. 

Mantra meditation is easily a solo practice, or you can also chant the mantras in silence or out loud, depending on your mood. 

A simple but powerful mantra you can work with is the Om Sai. Breathe in a while, hearing the Om in your mind, and exhale to the internal sound of Sai. 

Om is the eternal sound of the universe and is beneficial for bringing your energy into alignment and balance.

Sai means both connected to the energy of father and mother, or in another aspect, masculine and feminine.

When you bring the energy of Om and Sai together, it becomes a beautiful mantra to help you balance the masculine and feminine within you! 

In contrast, guided meditation involves listening to a recorded or live guide that provides instructions and visualizations to help you relax and focus. Guided meditations can have a variety of intent or areas of focus or help you find a state of relaxation and peace. 

Guided meditations take individuals on a journey to relax and focus. Guided meditations also address specific issues such as stress, anxiety, or sleep problems. The goal of guided meditation is to help individuals cultivate a state of relaxation, mindfulness, and inner peace.

Some guided meditations can also take you on a journey or energetic/visual exploration of helping you connect with your spirit guides, soul healing, and loved ones in Spirit. Many, many types of intentions and designs of guided meditations all help you heal and find peace. 

Check out “Sitting in the Power” on my Youtube Channel for an example of a simple guided meditation that will help you open up your energy and get centered! 

A Little Spiritual History

Mantra meditation is often associated with spiritual traditions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, where mantras are a spiritual growth and enlightenment tool. 

This technique is centuries old and has remained alive and well in modern spiritual teachings. 

Guided meditation can also have a spiritual component but is often focused on specific aspects of healing or growth for stress reduction, anxiety relief, and other practical purposes.

Both mantra and guided meditation can reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and promote overall well-being. The choice between the two will depend on your personal preferences and goals. 

Exploring these different meditation techniques would be more spiritual tools for your repertoire! Allowing your intuition to guide you day by day or moment by moment to the method that is best needed is best! 

What is Insight Timer?

Insight Timer is a beautiful app that is a playground of meditations, music, and more from all aspects of spiritual backgrounds. 

You can explore Mantras and Guided meditations here on Insight Timer and learn to find different voices in the meditation world. Then, you can go back to the ones you like repeatedly!

You can even explore some of the guided meditations I have created to assist in various spiritual healing and connection aspects. Click HERE to find my Insight Timer Page! 

Is meditation that special?


You do not need to be a spiritual seeker, medium, energy healer, or guru to get the benefits of meditation. 

It is for everyone from all walks of life. The art of meditation is all about finding some quiet, centering, and calming the mind for creative flow and grace in your life. 

Some of the most influential people, top leaders, and Fortune 500 money-makers are known to have meditation practices in their daily lives.

Learning to meditate will be challenging for almost everyone initially, but it is worth the practice and patience it takes to develop this practice. It is a game changer. So give it a good honest try!