Creating a Spiritual Practice

What are the benefits of having a daily practice in your life? Why would you need to take time for yourself every day!? Aren’t you too busy for that?

Let’s get clear! Taking time to breathe, be, and get centered will change your life! Most successful business people, actors, and celebrities have a daily practice to create centering and focus in their lives. 

It can be confusing how to go about creating your practice. For example, should you meditate daily, journal all the time, light candles, and do yoga?


Seven Day Meditation Immersion

Do I need to wake up at 5a? Or spend an hour a day meditating!?

It can feel like there is a lot to think about when you’re creating a practice, but here are some simple things you can do to help you get started in your life.

And like you, your practice can grow and change over time!

Sometimes you need to start simple!

Morning or Evening Practice?

When are you at your best during the day? 

When I was a young twenty-something, I was a late-night gal. 

A lot of my time and creativity seems to hit me at that point. So, I would wind down my day with an evening meditation and maybe some journaling.

But as I have gotten older and now a forty-something… my mornings have become my personal and private time. 

My body is naturally awake as the sun rises most days. 

And I allow my body to move in its natural rhythm, so my morning routine has become my practice time over time.

Listen to your body’s natural rhythm and go with that. 

So I set aside personal time in the morning, and my practice varies day by day. 

Some days I am meditating; other days, I am exercising and or doing yoga. And one of my favorite morning practices is going for a nice sunrise bike ride.

A bike ride!? Yes, exercise can be a part of your practice! Some of my most creative and inspired ideas happen when I am out in nature and just feeling energized and free!

Meditation or Journaling?

Believe it or not, I do not have a great journaling practice, but I do love my meditation time! Some of you may choose to write as your form of meditation, or you may like to incorporate both.

The key to the practice is there is no wrong way! I think it is a matter of what may work for you!

When you know your time of day, you can find some time to devote to you and your practice, take some time to see what your body wants to do.

It took me a long time to appreciate meditation, but now it is something I crave!

You may need to have that pen and paper in hand and sort out your thoughts. I think that is awesome! Go for it!

I often do not lose my creative ideas, though, because I have a handy book for those moments when an idea pops in! 

I like to write quick notes in a journal that will help me open up the rest of my thoughts. So bullet points are my best friend!!

Start Simple! 

The key is to take some time to nurture your mind, body, and soul. You are WORTH IT!!

You will have more energy and focus throughout your day. As a result, you WILL be more productive. 

You will have more LOVE and attention to support those dearest in your life! 

But start simple. 5-10 minutes a day will be a game-changer! There are NO EXCUSES for this! You have this time, and once you discover how the life-changing benefits of this time, you will find more!

I am sending you a breath of love! <3