Beyond Mediumship Mentoring 2: Synchronicity

Advanced Mediumship Group Mentoring

It has been such an honor to offer the Beyond Mediumship Mentoring Series in the past. Those who have participated in the first level have asked me for more. So here it is!

A new world is still unfolding before us. The planet is vibrating at a higher frequency, and our work as mediums is elevating because of it. While it is essential to have our roots in traditional development, it is time to raise the bar and expand to meet the new world!

I am excited to offer Beyond Mediumship Mentoring Level 2: Synchronicity to deepen our relationship with Spirit and expand our awareness. Let’s advance your mediumship to a whole new level and expand your overall spiritual practice and knowledge.

Group Mentoring

Why Group Mentoring??
I know many people want the individual attention of 1:1 mentoring. But it does have limitations. In my experience as a teacher and student, group mediumship offers something crucial that private 1:1 mentoring does not. Practice!

Benefits of group mentoring:

  • practice and advance your development through the program
  • meet new like-minded peers

Pre-requisites for Beyond Mediumship Mentoring 2

  • Having completed Beyond Mediumship Mentoring
  • OR are a developing/working medium with experience connecting with Spirit!

Program Highlights

This second level of Beyond Mediumship Mentoring focuses on a few aspects of mediumship development.

Demonstrating/Platform Mediumship
We will spend a few weeks demonstrating mediumship geared towards refining how to connect with group mediumship and presentation. After that, everyone in the program will have the chance to do some platform mediumship within the course!

Trance Mediumship and Healing Development
Trance mediumship is resurging in our new world, and it is time to make this a regular part of your practice. Trance mediumship development is a transformational part of your development with Spirit.

Exploring the Akashic Records
We will take a week to dive into the Akashic Records and how they can be a key in your development and understanding more about who you are!

This online mentorship journey offers you opportunities to:

  • Discover how the practice of Mediumship and the mediums themselves continue to evolve
  • Experiment with different techniques in a safe & supportive environment of like-minded mediums
  • Participate in development exercises designed to stretch you beyond your current comfort zone
  • Explore a multitude of ways you can express your unique connection with Spirit with others
  • Establish new friendships and deepen existing ones with other ever-evolving mediums.

Find your unique voice in this vastly growing industry that is mediumship and beyond! ​

This program is a jammed-packed, fast-paced journey to get you up to speed and in the flow of your beautiful potential!!!

There is a limited number of spots for this program! So do not wait to get yours!

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Mentoring with Lauren Rainbow

The online advanced mentorship program takes place over two months and includes:

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings on Wednesdays, beginning February 9th


An all-day development workshop on February 19th


Weekly development assignments for ongoing practice


Guided Meditations to Deepen Your Connection with Spirit

Here is the Full Schedule:

All group meetings will be held on Zoom and will include practice, meditations, and Q&A.

Wednesday Night Meetings – 7 – 9:30p Eastern (New York/Boston)

  • February 9th: Energetics of Mediumship
  • February 16th: Platform Mediumship
  • February 23rd: Platform Mediumship
  • March 2nd: Akashic Records
  • March 9th: Trance Mediumship Development
  • March 16th: Trance & Healing Aspects of Mediumship
  • March 23rd: Exploring your Voice in Mediumship

All Day Workshop

  • February 19th: Platform & Trance Development 10a – 4p ET

Live Q&A Sessions 
Thursday, February 24th – 12 – 1p ET
Tuesday, March 15th – 12 – 1p ET

Live Practice Only Sessions with Lauren 
Tuesday, March 1st – 7p – 8:30p ET
Tuesday, March 22 – 7p – 8:30p ET

Want some one-to-one time with Lauren?

Upgrade to Have TWO Personal Sessions with Lauren!

In addition to this value-packed group mentoring program, you can upgrade to have two 45-minute private sessions with Lauren through this mentorship journey to deepen your development, get personal support, and focus specifically on your spiritual goals.

“This program is what I need to do right now, but I’m a little strapped for cash after the holidays!”

We’ve got you covered! Lauren is offering payment plans for both mentoring packages for those who a little support in these times. See the registration options below.


Let's get you registered!

Group Only Mentoring



  • 7 Weekly Mentoring meetings with Lauren
  • All Day Workshop
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Meditation Recording

Private Session Upgrade



  • 2 Private Sessions with Lauren
  • 7 Weekly Mentoring meetings with Lauren
  • All Day Workshop
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Meditation Recording

Cancelation Policy:

While we understand that life does get in the way sometimes, Lauren does offer some cancelation options. If you cancel within 72 hours before the beginning of the course, you may receive a full refund. After the start of the program, any cancelations will lose their deposit and up to 50% of the payment depending on where in the program you cancel.