Lauren Rainbow personally believes in the healing power of Mediumship. Not only for those who are in the living, but healing to the dearly departed as well. Each and every time a departed loved one communicates with us, they get a chance to heal and grow in Spirit. Our work is not done when we pass.

Depending on the soul's journey in this life time, each soul may have some forgiveness work to do or just to compassionately support us. Lauren is not a Psychic Medium who is trying prove anything to anyone. She feels strongly that each person should be entitled to their own belief. She is honored to share her gift with those who would like to receive love from Spirit, but most especially, help those in Spirit here. Any Psychic Medium is simply a tool. Like the paintbrush is to the artist, Lauren is simply the tool a spirit uses to express their love for us.

It is equally a blessing for Lauren to share her psychic/intuitive gifts as well. All of her sessions are from a place of heart-centered compassion. It is her goal to leave each and everyone inspired and empowered to know you can truly create the life of your dreams. We all face challenges in our lives. Lauren believes that a fresh, enlightened perspective can open doors to the many possibilities that lie ahead. It is important to understand that your life is of your choosing. Lauren can help shed light in the areas that may be shadowed.

Unconditional Love, World Peace & Joy

"Seeking to 'create a space of unconditional love that promotes world peace and complete joy' Lauren Ellen Rainbow offers mediumship (connection to the deceased), healing, prophetic insights and initiations. She organized the WZID Simply Spiritual Reading Event for their Women’s Expo this year (09) and has been a featured speaker at the event in the past. Full of energy and laughter, Lauren always brings high spirits to any event.”

- NH Magazine, Best of New Hampshire Winner 2009

Why We Love Lauren

"I have been working with Lauren Rainbow for more than seven years. She's a consummate professional who constantly strives to learn more, perfect her technique and help others step into their best selves. Lauren is one of the most joyful people I know and a pleasure to work with. Her connection with Spirit is so strong that Lauren's sessions are uncannily accurate. I value, respect and trust her work. If you haven't experienced a session with Lauren, you owe it to yourself to let her bright light shine into your world."

Corinne C, Revere, MA

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