Thursday, February 6th: Day 1 - Arrival to Cairo

Plan to arrive in Cairo no later than afternoon time if at all possible

You will be met by tour staff who will assist you through the Visa and Passport Control, to your luggage.

Transfer to the Mena House, where you will be staying while in the Cairo area.

Dinner as a group

Friday, February 7th: Day 2 - Giza Plateau, Sphinx, Sakkara


Our journey of transformational healing will begin at the paws of the great Sphinx with a morning meditation. One of the oldest structures in Egyptian history, the Sphinx is often seen as the great guardian of this Giza Plateau. Together we will set our intentions for this journey at the paws of this great guardian. Time will be spent exploring the Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramids.

Next, we will visit Sakkara, to tour the Old Kingdom pyramids on the west bank near ancient Memphis. About, 2630 B.C. Imhotep, architect to King Djoser (Dynasty III), masterminded the Step Pyramid at Sakkara. The world's oldest freestanding stone structure, this pyramid consists of six tiers atop a mastaba, or low, oblong tomb, faced with cut stone.

Saturday, February 8th: Day 3 - Cairo, Transport to Aswan


Drive to Cairo airport to fly to Aswan.

Upon arrival we will check-in on our private Dahabiya. The Hadeel is a beautiful river boat that houses a crew, waitstaff, and a small group of passengers. This beautiful boat will become your home for several days as we journey down the Nile together. In between stops on this journey we will visit many temples, listed below.

We will also be able to enjoy breakfasts on the deck as we sail gently down the Nile. Emil, our fearless leader and Egyptologist, describes this journey down the Nile as a floating meditation. And indeed, he is not wrong. We will journey from Aswan to Luxor with stops along the way to explore temples and villages that were created along this ancient river.

During our time here on the boat we will also enjoy group meditations, teachings, celebrations and simply just enjoy floating down through this rich magical history.

Sunday, February 9th: Day 4 - Elephantine Island


Today we will begin to work with the many deities the make up the alchemy of the Egyptian Pantheon. Your soul has called you to this journey to awaken and access the infinite energies of the Universe available to you. Here at Elephantine Island you will explore the Temple of Khnum. Khnum, the Ram Headed master builder himself and one of the oldest Masters of the Egyptian Pantheon.

End the day with a visit to the colorful Nubian Marketplace of Aswan.

Monday, February 10th: Day 5 - Philae Temple (Isis) / Kom Ombo (Sobek/Horus)


Isis is the great Divine Mother Goddess of the Egyptian Pantheon, and one who calls many into the embrace of her wings. She is the Goddess of death and rebirth, as she was known for resurrecting her beloved Husband Osiris twice. We meet and work with Isis on this glorious morning visit to her Temple.

We will then set sail down the Nile to the temple of Kom Ombo know as a sacred healing temple. Here you will connect with the Master Sobek, the alligator God of the Egyptian Pantheon. Here at Kom Ombo. Sobek is known for his strength as we step into the energies of forgiveness, and supported by the loving and wise energy of Horus.

Tuesday, February 11th: Day 6 - Full Day Sail to Edfu


Today is a day of rest to enjoy the beautiful Nile. We will spend some group time on the Dahabiya to process and meditate through what we have experienced thus far, and enjoy some quiet downtown in this fluid meditation.

Wednesday, February 12th: Day 7 - Edfu/Esna (Horus)


Edfu is the best-preserved temple of the ancient world and home to Horus, the Falcon God. Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris, and as you will learn on this journey, is probably the first Divine Child. Here you will connect with that Divine Child within you.

Thursday, February 13th: Day 8 - Luxor


Karnak is the largest Temple in Egypt and second largest in the world. Here we will meet the Living Statue of Sekhmet, the Goddess of Fierce Compassion, for an empowerment meditation. You will then be given time to explore this vast and power temple.

Friday, February 14th: Day 9 - Abydos (Osiris), Dendarah (Hathor)

(Breakfast/ Lunch Box/Dinner)

Today is a big day as we will drive through the country side of Upper Egypt to visit Abydosthe temple of the Osiris and Flower of Life. Abydos is the pilgrimage place for Egypt's visitors and no trip is complete without visiting Abydos. Then we visit Dendarah Hathor temple dedicated to the Goddess of Love, Joy and Music.

Saturday, February 15th: Day 10 - West Bank, Hatshepsut Temple, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memmon


Today is a day to explore the West Bank of ancient Thebes. Visit the Valley of the Kings, with its Royal Tombs, included Tutmoses lll. There will also a visit to the Valley of Queensand the temple of Hatshepsut, one of the most powerful and revered women in the history of Egyptians Pharaohs. The day will conclude with a stop at the Colossi of Memnon.

Sunday, February 16th: Day 11 - Temple of Man, Luxor


Today we visit the Temple of Luxor, R.A Schwaller de Lubcz developed his symbolist interpretation of ancient Egypt, and called it the Temple of Man.

Monday, February 17th: Day 12 - Cairo/ Egyptian Museum

Tuesday, February 18th: Day 13 - Return to the Giza Plateau & Farewell Dinner

Today we complete our Radiant Heart journey by returning to the Giza Plateau to visit the Great Pyramid for a very special closing meditation and healing.

The evening will end with a group dinner, and celebration of our journey and time together.

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change; however, we will visit all that we have listed on this itinerary. Emil will expertly lead us through these temples and create the best visits with the least amount of tourists when we are not visiting a pre-arranged private journey.

Wednesday, February 19th: Day 14 - Depart for Home

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