• Inspired by Spirit

    Inspired by Spirit

    June 5 @ 7pm | Bedford, NH

    A Night of Inspiration & Mediumship

    Full Details

  • Mediumship Practice Circle

    Mediumship Practice Circle

    June 12 @ 7pm | Bedford, NH

    Explore Your Connection to Spirit

    Full Details

  • Messages from Spirit

    Messages from Spirit

    July 25th @ 7pm | Bedford, NH

    Experience Mediumship

    Full Details

  • Divine Awakening in Peru

    Divine Awakening in Peru

    Nov 6-15, 2109 | Peru

    Awaken the Pure Potential of Your Self

    Full Details

  • The Radiant Heart

    The Radiant Heart

    Feb 6 - 19, 2020 | Various Locations in Egypt

    A Pilgrimage to Egypt

    Full Details

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The Radiant Heart: A Pilgrimage to Egypt

With Lauren Rainbow, Egyptologist Emil Shakur & Coach Deborah Knight

Join Lauren on this special journey through Ancient Egypt! Ignite your inner passion. Shed old beliefs. Let that beautiful unique light within in you shine bright as you visit some of the world's most sacred sites.

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Guidance on Your Spiritual Journey

Mentorship Program with Lauren

Lauren offers a 3-month mentoring program designed to help you on your Spiritual way. This program is designed to assist those who are developing mediums, or spiritual seekers looking for some direct assistance and guidance on their journey.

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