• Messages with Spirit

    Messages with Spirit

    Public Mediumship Gallery with Hazel Martin | Online Event

    Nov 1 @ 1PM EDT

    Full Details

  • Akashic Healing Meditation

    Akashic Healing Meditation

    Meditation & Sound Bath | Online Event

    Nov 1 @ 6:30PM EDT

    Full Details

  • An Evening with Spirit

    An Evening with Spirit

    Public Mediumship Gallery | Online Event

    Nov 5 @ 7PM EST

    Full Details

  • The Mediumship Training Deck

    The Mediumship Training Deck

    Created by John Holland & Lauren Rainbow

    Pre-Order Your Deck Today!

    Full Details

  • Centered Heart Meditation Immersion

    Centered Heart Meditation Immersion

    7-Day Meditation Series


    Full Details

  • Mediumship 2020

    Mediumship 2020

    3-Day Workshop with Tony Stockwell & Lauren

    Dec 5 - 7 | via Zoom Conferencing

    Full Details

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The Mediumship Training Deck

Enhance & Strengthen Your Mediumship Abilitie

Once again John Holland & Lauren have teamed up to help you deepen your connection to the Spirit world through the creation of this extraordinary & educational oracle deck. With its accompanying guidebook and 50 beautifully designed cards, this deck benefits everyone from the beginning student of mediumship to the advanced — for when you understand the mechanics of how your specific mediumship works, you then become the master of it!

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The Intuitive Heart

4-Week Mentorship Program

Step into who YOU are and live a life that’s fully inspired!

This self-paced mentorship program with Lauren includes a bonus week to fast-track your intuitive heart-centered development and other exclusive free gifts!

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Centered Heart Meditation Immersion

A 7-Day Meditation Series

In these uncertain times, remaining centered is key to experiencing the peace, harmony and clarity we need. Through this on-demand program you'll discover how to re-align with your heart center to release anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

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