The Centered-Heart

The Centered-Heart

Written and recorded by Lauren, The Centered Heart features two special healing meditations specifically created to help release heart-centered pain.

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The Centered-Heart Meditation CD 1:04:48 CD $10.00

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Track 1: Centered Heart Meditation 29:57 (27.42 MB) $3.00
Track 2: Forgiveness Meditation 34:51 (31.91 MB) $3.00

Track 1: Centered Heart

This meditation allows you to open into the full expression of your heart. Working with this meditation on a regular basis will help you feel more heart-centered in your daily life, bringing in joy, healing and grace.

Track 2: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the most powerful way to heal your mind, body and spirit. This meditation can assist you with forgiving others or yourself for the challenges brought to you in life - empowering you to live a more Heart-Centered life.

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Why We Love Lauren

"Lauren Rainbow is deeply passionate about her work as a medium and teacher. She is encouraging, fun and compassionate ... always gently guiding her students but will not let you rest on your laurels! I highly recommend her classes whether you are just starting to explore your abilities or already working professionally."

Laura W,
 Dracut, Massachusetts

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