Connect with Your Guides

Connect with Your Guides

Join Lauren as she guides your through two beautiful meditations, designed to help you connect and heal with your Guides and Angels.

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Track 1: Connect with Your Guides 16:13 (29.72 MB) $3.00
Track 2: Heal With Your Guides 16:12 (29.68 MB) $3.00

Track 1: Connect with Your Guides

This meditation, which you can return to at any time, is designed to assist you in building a loving and conscious relationship with your guides and angels.

Track 2: Heal with Your Guides

Great to use anytime you find yourself feeling out of sorts, this meditation helps you call in your guides and angels to assist in your healing - bringing in blessings of love, balance and harmony.

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Why We Love Lauren

"From the first moment I met Lauren Rainbow, I knew my life would change for the better. Her connections with my deceased loved ones, Masters, and Angels were so profound I knew I had to learn more from her. She is not only an amazing Psychic & Medium, but the most phenomenal Spiritual Teacher and Healer I have had the honor to work with. She has taught me so much in the past two years and I am truly honored to know such an amazing person. Thank you Lauren for all of your guidance and support. For showing me my gifts, continuously pushing me out of my comfort zone, and allowing me to confidently stand in my power. Your compassion and wisdom are Divine. Your gift is an inspiration & blessing us all."

Rose R, 
Andover, MA

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