Connect with Your Guides

Connect with Your Guides

Join Lauren as she guides your through two beautiful meditations, designed to help you connect and heal with your Guides and Angels.

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Track 1: Connect with Your Guides 16:13 (29.72 MB) $3.00
Track 2: Heal With Your Guides 16:12 (29.68 MB) $3.00

Track 1: Connect with Your Guides

This meditation, which you can return to at any time, is designed to assist you in building a loving and conscious relationship with your guides and angels.

Track 2: Heal with Your Guides

Great to use anytime you find yourself feeling out of sorts, this meditation helps you call in your guides and angels to assist in your healing - bringing in blessings of love, balance and harmony.

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Why We Love Lauren

"There is no doubt, my life has been 'transformed' through the healing work I have done with Lauren Rainbow. I am living, breathing, proof of how healing energy can change a person's life. Through working with Lauren, I have experienced many levels of personal growth and understanding. I have learned to meditate, breathe, connect with my guides, and appreciate the messages that are constantly being sent to us, in many different forms. I have come to know who I REALLY am, and how my own thoughts and actions can influence every aspect of my world. I have a deeper, clearer, vision of the path I am on. I am forever grateful to Lauren for the time, love and energy she has shared with me. Namaste."

Suzanne R, Andover, NH

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