• Heart of Spirit Radio

    Heart of Spirit Radio

    Apr 27th @ 10:00pm | Online Radio | FREE

    New, bi-weekly radio show starting Sept 15th with Lauren & Fleur. Call in for your chance to get a message from Spirit!

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  • An Evening with Spirit

    An Evening with Spirit

    May 11th @ 7:00pm | Manchester, NH | $30/pp

    Witness the healing power of mediumship as Lauren brings through validation & messages from the other side.

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  • A Day of Spirit, Angels & Healing

    A Day of Spirit, Angels & Healing

    Jun 24 @ 9:30am | $199/pp | Westford, MA

    An enlightening day of exploration into the Afterlife, Angels & Healing

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  • Journey of the Empowered Heart

    Journey of the Empowered Heart

    Oct 22-27 | Teotihuacan, Mexico

    Join Lauren, Julianne Santini and John Mercede on this sacred pilgrimage.

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  • What's the Message

    What's the Message

    Jul 15th @ 9:00am | Pompton Lakes, NJ | $99/pp

    Learn how to deliver Heart-Centered Messages in this special one-day workshop.

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Guidance on Your Spiritual Journey

Mentorship Program with Lauren

Lauren offers a 3-month mentoring program designed to help you on your Spiritual way. This program is designed to assist those who are developing mediums, or spiritual seekers looking for some direct assistance and guidance on their journey.

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Creating Tomorrow's Dream Today

Imagine having the opportunity of those of our leading spiritual generations, to create a dream, a vision of the future … A dream of world peace, complete joy, and unconditional love.

Many times throughout history, pioneers have envisioned a future very similar for us. One of a higher consciousness. Visions which empowered generation after generation to achieve these dreams. The very visions and dreams which have evolved into who we are today. The very foundation of our being.

We are now a part of a new generation of pioneers with an opportunity to continue along the dream path created by those before us. This is a simple journey, if you so desire. So open your heart to see that you are worthy of the best. Please explore within this site to find out more about my services, events and friends of Lauren Rainbow.

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